Hair today, gone tomorrow

The last time I went to my hair stylist was March 5th of this year. By the end of June, it had gotten this long:

So on July 10th, I had to cut it off myself:

It turned out pretty well, I think.

But hair keeps growing, as it usually does…unless you have male-pattern baldness, like my spousal unit. So on August 15th, I cut it again.

I’m a little scary without makeup!

By October 2nd, it’d grown pretty long again:

But I let it go until December 7th (because I was pretty busy in October and November), and then went a little nuts with the scissors.

I think I will try to let it grow to shoulder-length again. It’s a pain to cut your own hair. I don’t even get the spouse to trim the back anymore for me. Who’s gonna see the back on my head on Zoom anyway?

How about you? Have you been braving enough to venture out to get a haircut or brave enough to cut your own? 😂