Thanks to a grad student in the Spousal Unit’s department tagging me on Twitter, I found out a couple of days ago that C.S. Wu, the subject of my picture book biography, will have a U.S. postal stamp in her honor!!!

The news was announced by her granddaughter, journalist Jada Yuan:

I can’t wait to buy a whole bunch of these in 2021!

My friend Kathy Berman, author of the fabulous book, Birth of the Cool: How Jazz Great Miles Davis Found His Sound, started talking to me about stamps during the Twitter thread. I told us I inherited my uncle’s stamp collection when I was a kid, and would show her some photos. So, here they are:

All the albums are his. That’s even his name and old address on the commemorative envelope at the bottom.

The stamps are so old, Vanuatu was still known as New Hebrides!

I don’t collect stamps anymore, not in a static way anyway. I search for cool ones that I use to actually send mail to people. Some of my favorites have been the Star Trek, bio-luminescent, and moon series. I also love perusing the post office’s Philatelic catalog!

Have you ever collected stamps or do you have a favorite design? Tell me on Twitter!