Not-sour grapes

Our Concord grape bore a ton of fruits this year. The kids harvested about 10 pounds and I made jelly. Behold the jewel-toned goodness!

There they are, next to the marmalade and wild black raspberry jelly (and our giant tub of Vegemite, of course).
Extra that we put in a Weck jar and ate on homemade toasted bread.

We thought we would have a second, equally big harvest in another week but something (curse you evil creatures…you know who are you are RACCOONS) came in the night and ate EVERY LAST GRAPE off the plant…even the unripe ones. What the heck?! The only upside to this brazen theft is that I don’t have to slave for another 8 hours on a second batch.

So, what have raccoons done for you lately?