Mouse turds and dill seeds

dill seed and “mouse droppings” peppers

That might be a good metaphor for the week.

Monday was a mouse turd pepper (official name…hah) kind of day: dealing with a volatile and self-absorbed person is about as pleasant as finding mouse turd in your food…whether a real turd or these killer spicy ones that hubby is growing. Why is it that so many charismatic people turn out to be psychos?

I shouldn’t knock the peppers though; hubby says they’re really pretty good. I can’t eat anything spicier than jalapeños because I get indigestion.

But by Wednesday, things were more like the dill seeds, full of hope! I got some possibly good news which I’m looking forward to learning more about, and hey! My arm is so much better.

And if anyone is wondering, the dill seed is for making pickles.

I hope your week is more dill seed than mouse turd!