I cut my hair, and it wasn’t a dare

The downside to quarantine is that I can’t go to my hair stylist. The upside to quarantine is that no one else besides my family sees me. So, even if I botched the cut, it’ll grow out again before we can go back hanging out with other people.

I’ve cut my own hair a few times before, though I have never tried to do a super short layered cut. But that’s the beauty of being 56 and not caring so much what I look like anymore.

This was my pre-cut length. It was annoying me as wisps of hair kept getting into my face and mouth.

(smiling is painful…LOL!)

After the hack job cut:

Hubby surveyed the back when I was done and said it wasn’t even noticeably jagged. I will count this as a win.

In hindsight, 3 days before appearing for nErDCampPA was probably not the best time to attempt this, but all’s well that ends well.

And what daring deed did you do this week? LOL!