The secret campsite

Not so secret after I share this post, of course, but the hilltop portion of our property makes for an excellent campsite. People have told us that our hilltop has one of the most, if not the most, beautiful vistas in our county.

Hubby had offered the site for a couple of his colleagues to go camping on during the quarantine, and it was a hit. So when a writer friend asked if she could visit and stay with us on her cross-country move from NY to CA…and we are still quarantining, surrounded by states with increasing numbers of COVID19 cases…I offered the hilltop as a solution. And we provided her meals and drinks.

Providing shade instead of throwing it…hah!
Another lovely shady spot to hang out in.
Hubby hooked up a solar shower (with a little platform to stand on). He hauled up extra bins of water and a bucket for a wash basin. The cooler contained cold water and some food with a lot of ice packs.
And is that not the cutest little outhouse or what? LOL!
A “room” with a view. Plus free meals. You can’t ask for much more during a pandemic.