More garden pictures, you say?

Or maybe I only imagined you said it, but you’re getting more anyway! 😀

This year, hubby extended the main fenced garden out in the front on both sides.
Parts of the south garden is now fenced, too. The greens in the foreground are comfrey. We have no idea what to do with it.
And now for some close-ups: first the eggplant!

The stuff on the leaves is not mildew; it’s pyrethrin powder to try and get rid of the flea beetles that are constantly decimating those plants.

We might get grapes again this year!
Red cabbage is such a diva and always beautiful.
Ah, kohlrabi!
Walking onions caught in mid-walk. Uncle Pete gave them to us a couple of decades ago, and we always smile and think of him whenever we see them.
A new apple tree! Yet another we have to fight the squirrels for. 😛
Hubby’s pride and joy. 😀