Physics, microbes and engineering with boxes

What a beautiful review of my book!

Inside the petri dish

As always I have a variety of books for you to peruse all of which were purchased from the incredible book shop that is Tell Tales;

The last 2 books I blog about today are definitely aimed more at secondary schools, but as always- you know your readers best- all I try to do is to provide a guide based on what I have read.  All 6 books have been added to my spreadsheet (see below) and I hope to reach 50 book reviews really soon.  I hope you enjoy reading the reviews- any feedback is most welcome.

Queen of Physics- How Wu Chien Shiung helped unlock the secrets of the atom.

Written by Teresa Robeson and illustrated by Rebecca Huang

Published by Sterling Children’s Books


‘Physics captured her heart and this book has captured mine’.

Having read an awful lot of physics books recently I…

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