Soaps as works of art

Many years ago while homeschooling the kids and doing far too much blogging, I fell in with a group of fun-loving soapers. I no longer homeschool–the kids have graduated–and I barely blog anymore, but I still keep in touch with some of the fun soap-makers.

One of them is my good friend Michelle who runs The Soap Pixie shop. She makes seriously gorgeous soap…and best of all, they are palm-free.

Here is a recent batch I got from her:

Aren’t they stunning?
Cinnamon Cocoa…yum!
Grapefruit Lily Love
Golden Warm Vanilla Sugar
Two views of the Swirly Autumn Fig
Baby Rose, Baby!

These photos don’t do the soaps justice…I really should have cropped the pictures better but I was lucky I found enough time to do a post, let alone tidy everything up. Go to Michelle’s The Soap Pixie Facebook page to see more soapy goodness!