A bit of sunshine, but no respite

More and more, I’m feeling the truth of this meme a friend shared on social media…

I told myself things will slow down once I was done organizing and running Illustrators Day for Indiana SCBWI. Nope.

I said, oh, things will slow down after the launch of my second book. Uh, yeah, no.

Then I told myself that things will slow down after I get a manuscript sent to the SCBWI Summer Spectacular and finish the Inked Voices critique session…hahaha! I’m very good at telling myself sweet little lies.

One of the few things that relieves this non-stop buildup of stress is staring at our fruit-bearing plants, especially on sunny days. Since it has finally warmed up (that is, the nights no longer dip into the single digits Celsius), we have brought all the citrus, avocado, and fig trees outside. They’re happy; I’m happy.

And once the plant-staring meditation time has passed, it’s back to freaking out that I’m not getting my writing done on time and fretting about SCBWI duties that are not being accomplished fast enough.