Florida (and other) food

As I mentioned last week, we went to Florida for a wedding and a mini-vacay. And while I kept forgetting to take photos of every meal, here are a few to make you drool.

I wanted us to go to Paschal’s in Atlanta so hubby could try their terrific fried chicken, but it was going to be a bear navigating downtown during rush hour, so we ended up finding a place in Macon called The Bear’s Den where we had what hubby thinks is the best fried chicken he ever had. I was a big fan of the collard greens myself.

We knew we needed some Cuban fare while in Florida, so we looked for a place close to the hotel.

Got a Cuban sandwich and fried plantains. Mmmm. Hit the spot!

The wedding menu was pretty scrumptious, too.

The mixed greens bouquet was as pretty as delicious. The lighting was kind of dim though. Should have used the flash.
Main course…pardon my phone shadow (hmmm, sounds like a Cat Stevens song…).

After heading to Sanibel Island, we had the “seafood trio” at a couple of different restaurants. I forgot to take a photo from the first place, but this is the one from the second place, The Sandbar. It was darned good!

On the way home, we couldn’t make it to The Bear’s Den before it closed (at 6pm!?!) so we thought we’d give Zaxby’s a try. We didn’t realize it was fast food. It wasn’t bad, but we’ll probably not go back any time soon.

I just made myself really hungry.