What I did on my holiday break…day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas break, my true love gave me to me…no partridges but a lot of tree sights because we went to the U.S. Botanic Garden!

Random photo of the Capitol en route…

I took a lot of photos for my own research/reference, not with actual aesthetics in mind, so, these will seem odd and random to you. My apologies!

The best thing I saw inside the greenhouse was this:

After the Botanic Garden, we visited the Museum of the American Indian (the name of which bothers me for many reasons…1) “America” is a moniker of European origin; 2) they are not from India; Columbus was an idiot; 3) in Canada, they call themselves First Nations People, which I think is the best collective name for a wonderfully diverse group of people who settled on this continent long before the current countries).

We spent about 4 hours there but I didn’t get a lot of photos, for some reason. We completely missed the Air & Space Museum, and I would love to return for that, too.