Tis the season…part 2

Last week, we drooled over freshly baked Stolle de Noel. This week, I’m sharing with you a dish that we always make this time of year, too, but for a different reason.

蘿蔔糕 is a traditional Chinese dish that you can often find at dim sum.

My aunt, who was an excellent cook, made one of the best ones I’d ever had. She taught the recipe to hubby a number of years back, and we’d make it sporadically. But then he started growing his own daikon (called turnip above; the two only diverge at the genus level and are in the Brassicaceae family).

Daikons are ready to be harvested in late fall/early winter. So when they are ready, hubby harvests them and we make this wonderful dish of my youth.

hubby peeling some of the daikon (half are still in the sink for me to wash)
the 蘿蔔糕, all steamed up (that is, cooked)
then pan-fried the next day for dinner…topped with hoisin and XO sauce, accompanied by homegrown long beans

Mmmm mmmm good!

Not to be confused with “neen go” (or “nian gao” in Mandarin transcription), this is savory and not a New Year’s dish.