Autumn Frost Retreat, part 2

I’m mostly recovered from our very fun Autumn Frost Retreat now! My stress/lack-of-sleep induced cold sores on the mend (if you call scabbing and bleeding “on the mend”). You can find part 1 here.

costume party participants
Diane Bradley-Kantor cooking up 3 delicious lasagnas for the Sunday dinner party
meeting my buddy Keila Dawson for the first time in person
made a new friend, Emmie Werner
Juliana Lee eschews the selfie…LOL!
agent Natascha Morris gave an insightful intensive on picture books
the 7 desserts I made for the Sunday party
I’m signing books!! Pinch me…I still can’t believe it. Even agent Dawn Frederick got me to sign one…squeeee! (photo courtesy of Tanya Konerman)
After the Retreat, I took all the donated books to Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington where they were super happy to receive this bounty.

Join us in 2020 for the fun!! I hear there are already two top-notch NYC editors who put dibs on being faculty here next year!