Vancouver: the food

One of the best things about visiting Vancouver (besides getting to hang out with my BFF sister) is the foooooood! Well, really, the best part about life is eating and food in general.

Here’s a sampling of all the delectable fare we had.

Dim sum…can’t get enough of it!
More dim sum…see what I mean?
And then there is the Vietnamese place (Got Pho?) just a hop and a skip away from my dad’s house.
Mo pho…LOL!
Too hungry to wait for a photo.
Sushi at Deep Cove
Dad insisted we go to Golden for dinner just to have this crab and sticky rice dish. He’s such a kid.
Then good friends of ours took us to this place called Weirdo Cafe where we had some funky fusion dishes.
Those eggs are infused with Earl Gray tea.
My lunch.
My current fav cuisine is Ethiopian. This is was at Addis Cafe.
Yes, everything was as delicious as this photo shows.
Then we tried Malaysian food at Banana Leaf.
The lighting was not conducive to photo taking but the seafood curry was good.
These were THE tastiest noodles.
Mmmmm…lamb curry
Mango gelato makes the day even better

My sister introduced me to this simple but amazing creation that I am now totally addicted to:

pineapple bao with a pat of butter inside…omg!

What is your favorite kind of food? Let me know via Twitter!