I saw this posting from NOAA a few days ago. I’d never heard of the term before which was odd since I had taken hydrology and oceanography classes back when I majored in climatology.

The infographic brought back a funny memory from a hydrology field trip. In order to reach a stream (more like a small river) to make measurements, we had to cut through a wooded area. It wasn’t a nice, park-like path, but semi-rough terrain where we had to scramble over logs and beat through bush. One of my old-fashionedly gallant and well-meaning classmates offered to carry me over the fallen trees.

Ummm, yeah, no. I may have been petite but I wasn’t completely helpless nor any more breakable than the rest of them.

When we got to the river, Professor Mike Church (yeah, * the * Mike Church; you should be jealous) told us to put on the waders that he’d brought along. Everyone found a proper size, pulled them on and proceeded to splash to the middle of the stream.

Everyone except for me.

Me? I tried on the smallest wader they had and it still pulled up to my face where it went up to the chest of the second shortest person in the class. *cue laugh track from a sitcom* I shoot Marty, my gallant classmate, a “don’t you even dare suggest carrying me into the water so I can take measurements” look before sitting on the sidelines and deciding that fluvial anything was probably not in my future career plans.