Who knew airport chicken could be so good?

I am all sorts of behind (that seems to be my refrain these days; I think I need to write a song with that as the chorus) so my intended posts about wildflowers, part 2, and about the Nonfiction Retreat will have to wait until I have time to upload photos.

But I only have time today to tell you the most important thing (heh) and that is that this fried chicken meal I got at the Atlanta Airport is the best fried chicken I’ve had in a few years! And even better, the collard greens were AMAZING! I don’t know why I’m so in love with collards greens, but I am. Hubby likes them but usually they are overcooked and mushy which prevents him from loving them. But these were firm and like they were freshly picked and cooked. He would have loved them, too, had he been at the airport with me.

If you’re ever at the Atlanta airport near Concourse B, grab a meal at Paschal’s! I don’t know where the photo on their website was taken, but where I bought my food was just a fast-food counter. And I was so happy to see that the containers were not styrofoam. 🙂

Until next week, friends, eat well!

EDITED TO ADD: my dear friend Pamela Courtney told me that, “You know the original Paschal’s was a major meeting place for the civil rights activists here in Atlanta. The brothers, they tell me, would feed them, give them info on safe places to stay, even gave bail money. You’re eating famous chicken, lady.” and now I’m even more happy that I bought my meal there!