The early (or not) birder gets a lifer!

I am SO excited…and not just because my book will be out in 4 months. I have a new lifer bird sighting. This handsome fellow showed up at our feeder and has been hanging out for several days now.


Harris’s Sparrows don’t normally occur in our range (Indiana):

so you can imagine our excitement when it showed up one day like it had always been around and owns the town.

blurry iPhone-through-binocs photo…House Finch to the left

We aren’t the only ones to be excited. After reporting to eBirds, a number of other birders trekked out to our house, with our permission, and were rewarded with a sighting of this obliging bird.

dated and time-stamped evidence on the DSLR

We used to be thrilled about seeing the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks show up during migration, but the Harris’s Sparrow has totally upstaged them. 🙂 Hearing and seeing warblers and vireos return have also been a treat!