Podcast and a Dessert

Not as catchy as “dinner and a movie,” but this is what I’ve been doing: pairing my baking time with episodes of the #Mindscape podcast, the BEST podcast out there, IMO.

The more I learn, the more I want to learn. It’s the most wonderful positive feedback loop. Professor Sean Carroll covers physics (his specialty), economics, statistics, political theory, psychology, bioethics, and more. Sometimes I get so engrossed in the podcast, I make a misstep here and there, but I have yet to completely ruin a recipe. 😀

Here are some sample pairings:

Banana crumble muffins with Brian Greene’s episode on Multiverse, Inflation, and the String Theory Landscape.

“This is why science is so beautiful: it is self-correcting.” – Brian Greene

Key lime pie and honey pecan pie with Naomi Oreskes’s episode on Climate Change and the Distortion of Scientific Facts.

And lemon zucchini cupcakes with Joe Walston’s episode on Conservation, Urbanization, and the Way We Live on Earth.

There are more, but you get the idea. Go check out the podcast yourself…it’s a feast for the mind that I supplement with feast for my stomach!