Literary luminaries

There was that time 7 years ago when I went to a conference (ICFA – the International Conference for Fantastic in the Arts, a perfect combination of academics and writers giving talks) and met the incomparable Terry Bisson. There’s photographic proof!

I actually went to the conference to fan-girl over Connie Willis (the one seated wearing green). If you don’t know who Connie Willis is, shame on you! And go read To Say Nothing of the Dog immediately 😀

Thanks to my wonderful Gotham Writers Workshop Speculative Fiction instructor, Michaela Roessner, I also met other super talented authors such as James Kelly, Ted Chiang, Theodora Goss, and Andy Duncan.

It was a good conference. I bought too many books, but that’s my modus operandi anyway.


Boy, I sure did have long hair back then!