Green, the color of hope and growth

Some kids pick up stray animals; my older child picks up stray plants. Here are a few of the more interesting ones (because we could all use a bit of pretty green things today).


He didn’t actually pick this one up but grew it from seed. It’s a lychee (Litchee chinensis).


I have no idea what this one is…but I want to stick in a mini ship-wrecked figure underneath it.


Lately, he’s returned to his early interest in carnivorous plant. There are butterworts, pitcher plants, sundews (I think) and Venus flytraps here.


He didn’t pick up this one either. It’s a Key lime plant we bought from Logee’s a few years back. It’s always been pathetic at producing anything (despite my making like a bee and pollinating regularly) but this year, we set it out on the deck in the summer and it got so happy, it actually produced about 6 reasonable-sized fruits. We’ll see if they last to maturity. And nature’s pollinators are tons better at their jobs than I am. :-/