Re-inventing the blog

For years, my main blog was Homestead Notes where I wrote about the 3 Hs: homesteading, homemade, and homeschooling.


We still do the homesteading thing of growing a lot of our own food and I still enjoy making things by hand. But the kids have grown and we no longer homeschool. As well, I have less time and a lot less energy do hand-crafting. So I’ve pretty much given up on the old blog.

This blog, on the other hand, was started because I was insane inspired by other 365-blogs. I focused on dinner because I’m all about food. That went fine for a while. Then, I changed it up a bit to include other things, renaming the blog “One Good Thing” from “What’s For Dinner.”

But due to various reasons (one of which is that most blogs are dying a slow, lingering death), I’ve let this blog slide, too, but I’m going to attempt a resuscitation effort. In order to do that, I needed come up with my “brand” (one of those 21st Century buzzwords).

I assessed what I currently deem most important and have decided that the things dearest to me are my cultural heritage, science and nature, and scientists. So in the future, I hope to share more of those things in this blog. Plus, food. Because I’m still all about food! Some things never change.