All ready for a vacation…from social media!

Social media is much like school: there are so many relationship intricacies and nuanced interactions to sort through and master; too much time is spent building a good image of yourself (or at least an image that you want to project to the world about yourself); and there are vast amounts of information to read and be tested on, though grades on social media are not lettered (unless you count the letters in the names people might call you).

So, just like with school, it’s good to take an extended break once or twice a year…a summer or winter vacation, or both.

Me, I plan to spend quality time with my 50-pound pail of coconut oil trying out new soap recipes during my July break-from-social-media.

See y’all in August (maybe…unless I enjoy vacation too much)

Note to self: stick with the 25 lbs buckets next time; I have the arm strength of an 8 year old and 50 pounds is almost 50% of my body weight…