How does the garden grow? June 2018 edition

This pictorial garden tour is specifically for my friend Pamela C. who loves to teach young children about the joys of growing their own food.

The driveway leads down from the house to the main road. We come first to the greenhouse where the cucumbers grow wild and the tomatoes are getting to be a decent size.

Behind the greenhouse is the “north garden” which was bigger but hubby has since decreased its size. Then we look into the “main garden” which has 27 approximately 10’x3′ beds. See the gorgeous grapes growing on the fencing?

There are lots of volunteer veggies that have sprung up on the paths. Hubby tends to leave them so we can harvest extra stuff.

We’ve already had a number of eggplants. They are SO good!

The panoramic photo of the “main garden” doesn’t do it justice.

The long curved bed is the “south garden.” Hubby usually grows things in there that take up a lot of space, like various squashes and melons. He’s also planted corn there and this year, he has tomatoes in the fenced part, too.

The apple trees have a blight and aren’t looking so great this year. But that’s how it goes. I don’t know that we’ll get a ton of peaches like we did last year either. They usually go in cycles of productivity.

So there ya have it! That’s how we grow much of our own vegetables…enough for the summer and enough to can/freeze/dry a bunch more for the winter.

Pro tip: the secret to keeping down the weeding work is lots and lots of mulch (hubby uses grass clippings for his mulch…free resource)