Passionfruit jelly? A first for me

A few years ago, hubby decided to grow Passiflora incarnata, a passionfruit native to North America. The plant is as prolific as rabbits–not only cloning itself by sending out runners into the lawn, but also pops out more fruits than we can possibly eat. We mostly gave away the fruits the first couple of years. Good thing we know people who actually like them. But this year, I was determined to do something with them.

As usual, hubby picked several large bagfuls. We saved one of the bags…

The skin is easily tearable. Giant fleshy seeds, much like pomegranate seeds, fill the entire inner cavity.

If you peel off the outer cover just right, you can see the whole preserved pod of seeds.

I scraped all the seeds into a pot and covered them with water. Then I cooked them up and juiced them using a sieve and cheesecloth.

After that, I followed a standard recipe for making jelly and canned 5 jars.

It’s not too bad, though it tastes more like apple jelly than passionfruit jelly. The tropical flavor was lacking, possibly because of it being cooked up.

Would I make it again? Maybe. Perhaps the next time, I’ll try juicing them by soaking them in water only and not boiling it (except in making the jelly). I sent a jar to a friend and we have 4 jars to eat and I will make up my mind by the end, I think.