#DoodleDay “you pick” Kakapo

I’m going to post one more old piece (I hope I’ll have something new for tomorrow). This one is of a kakapo. I’ve previously mentioned that I’d been working on a picture book of this highly endangered flightless parrot of New Zealand for about five years. If I ever find a publisher for it, I plan to donate 100% of the earnings to the Kakapo Recovery Fund. Unfortunately, no publisher I’ve approached thus far has been interested (one editor whom I met at a conference thought it was lovely and lyrical but she doesn’t do nonfiction or creative nonfiction). And so it languishes in a virtual drawer.


I first learned about kakapos through David Attenborough’s Life of Birds series, and then again in Douglas Adams’ Last Chance to See book (he had a TV series to go with the book). Attenborough and Adams are two of my favorite people ever. Is it any wonder I want to champion the cause of the kakapo?