Just when you think I can’t cram more challenges in…

I’m combining three different challenges into this post: Alison’s Doodle Day, Charlie’s #NatureDoodlewash, and David Harrison’s Word of the Month poetry exercise.

So, here’s a degu (pretty much a glorified gerbil as far as I can tell) filling a little thimble/bucket with water, which is the word David chose for June, and my two water poems below.

IMG_22218″x5″ – Winsor & Newton watercolors + General’s Sketch and Wash charcoal pencil

What’s Glistening?

Dinosaur pee,
your Earl Gray tea,

dew on a fly,
tears in your eye,

rain from a cloud,
sweat of a crowd.

Call it damp, moist, or wet,
its properties are set
by one part oxygen
and two parts hydrogen.
Fuse them and you get:


An Acrostic