A little Spring family trip

So I’ve been MIA for a bit because I had to get some stories ready for the Big Sur At Cape Cod workshop, a unique and rewarding workshop where writers work in small groups with authors, editors, or agents. I was paired with 2 mentors, author-illustrator Anne Sibley O’Brien and editor Yolanda Scott, who, along with other writers in my groups, gave me insightful and helpful feedback. The Cape is not a bad place to spend one’s birthday weekend.

I also got to meet up with half of my picture book critique group (The Penguin Posse).


My family decided to do a road trip with me to Cape Cod, stopping at Magee Marsh, and various other parks to do some birding, and visiting friends in the lovely city of Worcester, MA. Tis the time of year for warblers to migrate and the hot spots are close to the Great Lakes. We saw many cool ones, such as Black-throated Green, American Redstart, and Blackburnian.

My guys are also really into trees and can be found examining them every chance they get, cringing at the non-native invasives and oooh-ing over the nice native specimens.


New Castle, DE

We drove through Newark on the way back, taking a southerly route, partially because we wanted to stop by Capriotti’s to get our favorite subs. We’ve eaten many, many subs in our lives and nobody does it like Capriotti’s!


The other reason we took a southerly route on the way home was to visit with hubby’s aunt (his father’s sister) who is one of our favorite relatives. This wonderful lady is smart, athletic, and generous, and because my MIL died 14 years ago, she’s been like a surrogate grandmother to the boys.


All in all, it was a wonderful trip. We got to see cool birds, some good friends, and relatives. The only way it could have gone better was if an agent had gushed over my work and signed me on the spot, but dreams don’t usually come true…I’m still waiting to have tea with Batman and Superman, after all (yes, I really did dream that one night). 😀