National Arbor Day #doodlewashaday #botany

There are some people who contend planting a tree is good no matter what tree it is; others who’ve studied ecology counter that, in fact, you could do more harm than good by planting invasive non-native trees.

My son, the future ecologist, is in the second camp. For Arbor Day (a day late since I was in town and busy all day yesterday), I’d like to feature one of his favorite plants, which is more of bush than a tree, but close enough: the Eastern Wahoo.


Here’s what Horticulture magazine had to say about it (bold is my emphasis):

Wahoo  (Euonymus atropurpureus) is an excellent North American native. An alternative to the invasive burning bush (Euonymus alatus), this tough plant can be managed as a small specimen tree (30 by 30 feet) or as a thicket/hedge (9 to 12 feet) for privacy with renewal pruning. It can grow in full sun to partial shade and in wet to dry soils. This makes it an excellent candidate for rain gardens that are occasionally flooded. The late spring flowers are a deep maroon; they are small but stunning on close examination. The fall color is a delicate pink. Once the foliage drops, the red fruits inside light pink capsules will stop traffic. Seeds are a preferred bird food during winter months. USDA Zones 4–9.

Native range: Eastern half of North America


31 thoughts on “National Arbor Day #doodlewashaday #botany

  1. I have never heard of an Eastern Wahoo. Sounds beautiful! Lovely drawing too, Teresa! 😍 The name of your plant sounds like it could be one of my imaginary birds – do you mind if I use it? 🐦😊🎨

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  2. Beautiful painting, Teresa! 🙂 And such a great name. And it has traffic-stopping berries! Really??? I bet your bushes like that you call them by name (I, erm, eavesdropped on you and Charlie). I rarely talk to plants but I occasionally say hi to Robbie the robin, Magz the magpie and Squeerel the squirrel.

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  3. You??? Lol! I’m sure you sweet talk them. But it is funny to imagine you waking up in a foul mood and yelling at all the under-producers in your garden :-). My husband is squirrel proofing the balcony (protecting his little cilantro plants)… nails are now sticking out of every inch of the porch railing. I wonder if Wilma will come up with a creative solution?

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  5. Um, yeah, she just walks between the nails. And our cat too :-D. Thanks for the firmoss update. Cute! And I hope the mouse follows where the butterfly feels like going… like walking a cat :-D. And I hope your writing is going well. One of these days I’ll figure out how to get the Kindle app on my phone so I can read some of your stories.

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