World Penguin Day (sort of #doodlewashaday)

I was going to do a drawing for National Reach As High As You Can Day (wacky), but I’m plumb out of time and want to work on revising a picture book manuscript instead. Sooo, I’m going to reuse an old drawing (not quite a doodlewash; sorry, Charlie!) for World Penguin Day instead. It also teaches a good lesson: never accept rides from monkey! Hah!


28 thoughts on “World Penguin Day (sort of #doodlewashaday)

  1. He picked up a penguin! I can certainly get behind this one more than Reach As High As You Can – deary me! How sweet – I’d like to join this fun joyride, although, going by the ears on that monkey, I’m already there! 😛

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  2. So glad you like this one, Myriam! I like it, too…it’s just so silly and the bear and penguin have such straight faces when you know the monkey is going to pull a Thelma & Louise thing on them. Hahaha!

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