National Read a Road Map Day #doodlewashaday

Funny enough, we were on a short road trip when I drew this today (always interesting trying to draw while bumping down a road)…I only took a few minutes and didn’t use any models (obviously).

38 thoughts on “National Read a Road Map Day #doodlewashaday

  1. You did this in the car?! Wow, that’s incredible! What a sweet picture, so reminiscent of days past. Course, I love my Google maps and couldn’t do without it giving me step by step instructions on how to get to my front door.

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  2. I probably couldn’t draw that if the kid was sitting in front of me like that, never mind plucked from air in a bumpy car! I was tempted to do this one myself but couldn’t really devise a concept – yours is adorable!

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  3. Awesome sketch <3! My dad got my sister and I a set of cars and "a carpet of roads" for Christmas once. We were a bit confused. We were both way too "girly" for a car set. But then we realized we could sit our Barbies on top of the tiny cars. Unrealistic… but our Barbies' lives were imaginary anyway.

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  4. I love how you are always telling a story as well as celebrating the day. This makes me long for the days when my children were that size and all children were playing with toys, not devices. (K)

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  5. Hahaha! Oh, you are going to be envious that my sister got a Barbie camper for Christmas one year. We never actually got a Barbie, but had some other knock-offs that worked fine.

    My sons received a road carpet from their grandmother. They loved it! I need to find a photo of them playing on it. 🙂

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