National Walk Around Things Day #doodlewashaday

I don’t know what’s more pathetic, my 3-minute doodle or the fact that “walk around things” is actually a “Day.”


31 thoughts on “National Walk Around Things Day #doodlewashaday

  1. Simple and effective! I was a tad baffled by this one too. A cat is the ideal subject for such a thing though – they often take the scenic route when getting from A to B!

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  2. That’s hilarious that it’s a day. It’s so the opposite of the scene from “Ants”, and from your dad, who also gets bamboozled by things that are in his path. πŸ˜€

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  3. Wait what really!? That is so ridiculous it has gone around the bend and become actual genius. Also, I have been walking around (not to mention int0) things all day, as I do most days, so am now vindicated – huzzah!

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  4. Teresa, you are the queen of sketching! 3 minutes! Wow! And I’m impressed that you came up with such a cutie for such an odd holiday. I’m sad I didn’t find out about it until now. I would have walked around more things. So weird if everyone else walked around more things all day too…

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  5. LOL! I only take so little time because I run out of time and I am always rushing. :} Somehow, the idea of walking around and avoiding things made me think of cats right away. Dogs love to run up to things and sniff them. Cats always look at everything suspiciously and tends to circle around before finally approaching something. πŸ˜€

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  6. :-D! You’re so right! J and I just adopted a cat and she does that at least a few times a day.

    I’m going to try to learn from you on my next drawing project. I think it would be cool to do simple sketches of a Canada Goose from different angles and doing different things. And then maybe I could turn it into a cartoon character…

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  7. :-D! I’ve been thinking about this “cats go around things” lately and when I said she does it a few times a day, I was off by about 10,000. I may draw Miss Madeline one of these days. She does have beautiful eyes and interesting face patterns.


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