National Ferret Day #doodlewashaday

Charlie O’Shields ( is running a month of “national celebrations in art” challenge. I’m not sure I’ll play along every day (especially since I don’t want to blog on weekends), but I’ll try to join in on the weekdays. My Grand Idea that I was going to do this month? I’ll save it for May, which is my birthday month, so it’ll be extra special. Or not. Who knows?

Today, I’m cheating a bit (because it’s my day off, dang it) by sharing an oldie for National Ferret Day.


37 thoughts on “National Ferret Day #doodlewashaday

  1. It’s a lot of fun seeing us all put ferrets up – good ol’ Charlie, eh. Yours is so cool! Like he’s on the hunt for the next belonging to chew 😛 I love his markings.

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