A #kidlitart dummy spread

I was super lame today…more so than usual…and only did one piece of art which I don’t like so I’m not sharing. Instead, here’s a 2-page spread I did for Joy Chu’s Children’s Book Illustration class.


28 thoughts on “A #kidlitart dummy spread

  1. Sorry you’re having a not-great-drawing day, but this is very cute indeed! Though the cat needs to do some serious rethinking or this will not end well. ^_^

    (…Unless they’re on the moon or in a low gravity field or something, which would be an amazing venue for balancing acts or also for juggling elephants and pretty much everything circussy, and now I’m thinking of the logistics of lunar circuses and it’s all the cat’s fault. Ahem.)

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  2. Oo, I love that they are speaking in images! Very cute :-). One of my uncles made two pairs of stilts when I was a kid. My cousins and I had so much fun walking around with them in my grandmother’s big backyard. Thanks for the lovely drawing and memory.


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