The #Art of Futility #kidlitart

Nope, haven’t caught up yet. *sigh*

I reworked a piece of art I did previously, subbing in a turtle for a rabbit, with the plan to submit it to SCBWI to apply for an illustrator grant. It’s a long shot but I had to make art anyway.

Speaking of which, anyone else up for Selfie Art Day on the 25th?

Maybe by tomorrow, I’ll be visiting blogs again.

42 thoughts on “The #Art of Futility #kidlitart

  1. Best of luck, Teresa! Your illustrations are always adorable. And goodness, is it that time of the month again? I might sit this one out, maybe, but either way I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

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  2. Good luck! Any art with a turtle is good by me.
    I’m finishing up (hopefully) my next selfie, will post Friday. It’s a push to do at least one of my 100 self-portraits each month. (K)

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  3. Your fox and turtle are so sweet and so perfectly drawn and painted 🙂 . I like the gentle, curious way they are looking at each other… and who might you be??? Sending a few more award-winning vibes your way. Go Teresa!!! ❤

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  4. Awww, they are both so sweet! I love the idea of an old turtle teaching a young fox a few life lessons.

    Fingers crossed for the grant! I hope the decision makers appreciate your talents.

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