#Pika Profile #kidlitart

My pika and I are looking back at our week with great disappointment at how little we’ve accomplished. Kidding: pikas are incapable of self-loathing. 😜 Drawn with charcoal.

41 thoughts on “#Pika Profile #kidlitart

  1. There was a place north of Squamish where there was a slope of small, medium and large rocks. It was always a thrill to see them hang out on top of a rock for a wee while. I am quite “appointed” with your drawings this week. They were all very “appointing” 😉 .

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  2. Hahaha! We have yet to see a pika in the mountainous areas of B.C. Gosh, Squamish…haven’t been there since probably 1991. We hiked the Chief and when we got back to the rental car, we discovered someone had broken into it. Fun times. 😉 Hadn’t been back since…but may have to go to see some pikas!

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  3. They’re a higher elevation species and I’m pretty sure they’re all over the Rockies, so I hope you’ll see some this summer! Luckily, we had what little valuable with us locked in the trunk and they didn’t get to it. But, we had to deal with filing a police report and also getting a new car with the rental place (we were there visiting my family).

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  4. Oh. Drag. I guess they damaged the car? I was with a friend once and when we got back to the car we were a bit confused that the doors were unlocked. There was a huge mess in the two front seats and the trunk was empty (we had rock climbing gear in the back). But the car was unharmed.

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