Draw a #Bird Day!

I don’t know if Laura or Kerfe and Nina are collating this month, but here’s my entry for this monthly challenge. It’s an Araripe Manakin from Brazil rendered in Inktense blocks and Neocolor crayons.


56 thoughts on “Draw a #Bird Day!

  1. Oh this is wonderful, Teresa! What a charming character – I’d not heard of these chaps before, they’re so impressive and captivating, as is yours! I love how the strokes suggest the feathers so well.

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  2. Wonderful colours and shading and such a super eye :-)! Looks like you, the Neocolors and the Inktenses are now great friends. Thanks so much for creating this beautiful version of an Araripe Manakin (the first I’ve seen so far).

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  3. Aww, Myriam, you always say the nicest things! I’m definitely getting used to those two media…I think I prefer traditional watercolors still, but these are so portable and easier to deal with. 🙂

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