#Art Challenge, day 4 #dog #kidlitart

Not my finest work but I’m a bit rushed having spent half a day at the doctor’s, fixing the car’s headlight, and making pizza.

I used an Inktense crayon for the wash and the dog’s fur and added highlights and darks with Neocolor black and white crayons and that was it. It was fun exercise anyway.


48 thoughts on “#Art Challenge, day 4 #dog #kidlitart

  1. I can’t do yoga anymore right now because of the limited motion. I can’t even tie my hair back properly anymore since I can’t get my left arm/hand up high enough to help my right hand. I’m trying an oral anti-inflammatory for a week and then they will try a cortisone shot if that doesn’t work. :}

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  2. Bursitis?!?! You have to take better care of yourself! Go rest and get in some physio, get son2 to do the car headlights.

    Your dog is adorable, and as you know, my favourite type of pet; one that doesn’t shed or need to go outside.


  3. Yay, so exciting!!! Teresa, I hope you keep me posted. I noticed an improvement within two days (I was having frequent headaches too, and lots of other symptoms), but within two weeks LOTS of changes. I really hope this is the ticket for you too! Let me know if you need any support, as I’ve been around the block many times with special diets. http://www.elanaspantry.com was huge for me. Best bread I’ve found is by Food for Life in the frozen foods – brown rice bread. It is truly wonderful, better than any wheat flour bread I’ve ever found. The only initial change I made was getting off gluten and the other changes that came along after getting off dairy and that were just icing on the cake. Anyway. Best to you! I hope this helps!

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  4. If you draw an illustration of me I’ll take him πŸ™‚ !

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I had a shoulder injury a long time ago that took a long time to resolve itself with physiotherapy exercises (3 years). A doctor suggested a cortisone shot but that never happened… the expert I saw said cortisone shots were not a sure thing and suggested a new physiotherapist he knew to get good results for shoulder issues. If you can find a good acupuncturist you trust, that would probably help. I also find Qi Gong helps improve body movement without being as intense as yoga. The Mayo Clinic does say that one cortisone shot sometimes works magic (magic is always my favourite treatment). Hope you figure out a way to alleviate your shoulder pain soon. You are still young enough to have mostly pain free shoulders.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your shoulder pain experience with me, Myriam! Shoulder issues (specifically frozen shoulders) are apparently common in women over 40, so at almost 52, I guess I’m overdue for some problems. πŸ˜› LOL! I might try a combination of cortisone and Qi Gong and see how that works. My sister swears by physiotherapy, but that’s not really available in the U.S. (mostly just Europe and Canada).

    Interestingly, I didn’t injure my shoulder. I just woke up one day last fall and it started hurting and having a decreased range of motion. Just my old body breaking down bit by bit, I guess. LOL!

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  6. LOL!! I wish we had at least one in town, but no. I looked them up and they’re a European thing that has made their way to Canada. But the US is pretty backward, I guess. πŸ˜‰ My sister swears by the physio!

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  7. Physios do give some helpful exercises and manipulations/massages. But other kinds of movement therapy and massage work too. I saw a lot of physio offices when I went to Phoenix. Does your town have enough sporty types and work injuries to support a physio?

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