#Art Challenge, Day 1

My friends Claire and Sylvia both tagged me last week on Facebook to do a 5 day art challenge. 5 days! How perfect: I can pair it with my M-F blog postings.

Because I’m still busy with homework for Joy Chu’s Children’s Book Illustration class, I’ll be lame and start with an old painting I did back in 1991 (in pastel). For some reason, art director Giuseppe Castellano really loved this piece when he went over my online portfolio. Hope you like it, too.


52 thoughts on “#Art Challenge, Day 1

  1. Oh yeah, maybe slight. I haven’t seen all lighthouse art so I should have said “among the best lighthouse art pieces”. It does have stunning presence. And it kind of, sort of seems to be asking for a frame :-). Thanks for posting it.

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  2. What a beautiful serenity coming through vividly in this piece. I could gaze contemplatively at that reflection all day, so it’d probably be best I didn’t hang it here as I’d get nothing else done… but other than that, I’d totally put this up!

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  3. What’s not to like about this painting? It invokes a sense of peacefulness, you show you have great talent and patience in doing such detailed work and leaves one wondering what sort of magical place that is.

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