Homegrown #Botany, day 1

This week is devoted to the wacky plants in our house that Son1 is growing (because he’s a botany/ecology guy) and is dedicated to my friend Beth who asked (Beth has a wonderful grammar blog that I highly recommend everyone check out. Here’s a recent post: http://www.flubs2fixes.com/2016/02/19/whos-or-whose-a-grammar-owl-post/ )

Today’s featured plant is Shining Firmoss, Huperzia lucidula. They reproduce clonally by producing small, heart-shaped gemmae.

27 thoughts on “Homegrown #Botany, day 1

  1. I have no idea what Son1 plans to do with them. There was a big discussion of clubmoss at the Indiana Plants e-group and apparently, someone said that he’s never had luck getting them to grow past the germination stage, so it may be a moot point as to where they will be planted. :}

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