More homework goodies

Lesson 5 of Children’s Book Illustration: Thinking In Pictures is kicking my butt, but I loooved one of the exercises which I’ll share a panel of here. We were assigned a picture book each and had to do a storyboard/thumbnails of the book, copying, in a much simplified form, the entire story. This is to help us see how a professional artist handles the artwork and to understand the flow of a story through its illustrations.

I was given The Iridescence of Birds (illus: Hadley Hooper). I loved that book before, but having to copy art gave me an even greater appreciation of the book. I also realized that I am incapable of drawing stick figures or “simplified” anymore. Featureless faces is as simple as I can get myself to do now.



41 thoughts on “More homework goodies

  1. Sometimes an assignment or task sounds so simple on paper, but when you get down to do it, it’s way harder than it looks. You made a hard task look simple, and did a wonderful job with it. I love the idea of going faceless to go simple, it allows the viewer to imagine the looks on the faces, which is almost like when a writer writes with a minimum of detail about what a character looks like, and leaves it up to the reader to fill in the details for themselves.

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  2. Oooh, yeah, then I definitely recommend this class if you want to write PBs! There is another class that I recommend for beginning PB writers, and that is Shadra Strickland’s The Art of the Picture Book through Craftsy. That one is self-paced so it’s not as intense. πŸ™‚

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