Another character sketch doodle

A final character sketch for homework and it’s an appropriate extension of Son1’s birthday because he was born in the year of the pig. πŸ™‚

I am seriously behind on everything so I apologize to my blogging friends for not getting to your posts yet. Will try and catch up tomorrow!

Teresa Robeson
Odd errors courtesy of phone’s autocorrect.


37 thoughts on “Another character sketch doodle

  1. You do way more Teresa. Some of my paintings take 5 mins and before today I hadn’t done one in at least a week. I don’t write MG or pbs like you do either. And I watched a movie yesterday afternoon at my friends πŸ˜€ Let’s learn to pace ourselves.

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  2. It’s so true! I love all that technology has done for us (I can’t imagine life without Google anymore even though most of my life had been spent pre-Google), but it also has inserted so much more time-wasting activities into our lives. :} I guess the key is to find a way to use it all wisely.

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