Miscellaneous scribbles

These are Ed Emberley-inspired doodles for characters in my story that, despite positive feedback, has yet to find a home.

Happy relaxing (or productive, whichever you prefer) weekend! See y’all Monday!

22 thoughts on “Miscellaneous scribbles

  1. Love Mr. Beaver’s ‘tude. And you do a great mouse! Have you seen Slate’s quiz on “Identify These Mice in Children’s Lit?”

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  2. The book already has a great feel to it, and an awesome cast (rendered with crisp elegance, by yourself, also – another bonus), and what you’re doing with things like these blog posts, and FB chat is giving it more energy. So I’m sure positive things are going to come from this, Tee. I really hope you get this book out!

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  3. I think they’re just looking for the right party to go to, after all, they’re all out to have a good time, right?Well, except for the guy at the top right, he looks a little curmudgeonly. Or am I just projecting? 😉

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