#SelfieArt and a funny (strange) story or two


Yeah, that’s me. Sort of. Stylized. But, it’s me. 🙂

I have been busy this month and didn’t remind people about #SelfieArtDay but will compile a list of everyone who played along!

I promised last week, when I posted about the adorable book plate I received from one of my favorite authors that I’d share a story about the-book-plate-that-never-was.

A handful of years ago, I was at a writer’s conference where I sat next to an author at lunch. We chit-chatted a little and then re-connected with each other on Twitter due to our whole table exchanging business cards and promising to keep in touch. We talked about her cute book and she asked me for my address so she could send me a signed bookplate. So, for the past 3 years, I sit (above) with the book waiting hopefully for the bookplate to arrive.

This segues to…

At that same lunch, while I was making small talk with the aforementioned author (it was after eating and most of the people from our table had drifted off), a man came up to the table. Without looking at me at all, he introduced himself to the author, told her he’d heard she used to be an editor with blah-blah-blah publisher and would like to chat with her. She and I glanced at each other, smiled our goodbyes, and he launched into his schpiel NEVER ONCE ACKNOWLEDGING ME OR THE FACT THAT HE INTERRUPTED MY CONVERSATION WITH HER. Granted, it wasn’t much of a conversation, but WOW! Entitled much, dude?

You can sure meet some weird people at conferences… 😀


38 thoughts on “#SelfieArt and a funny (strange) story or two

  1. Such a sweet image, Teresa! I tried to play along, but I’m too embarrassed to share my awful self-portraits. Three times tried though. *sigh* I don’t think me and self-portraits work, but at least I posted a portrait today lol. Really love your drawing here, so cute!

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  2. Love that self-portrait — and you’re still that little girl waiting for her book plate. What a rude dude! You should draw a picture of the little girl kicking the rude dude in the chins. Why didn’t you contact the author and remind her of her promise? Anyway, it did make for a great drawing!

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  3. That’s a great idea, Pat! I should draw her kicking that rude man! 😀 I feel stupid contacting her now…but every time I see her comment on mutual FB friends’ posts, I think of her book on my shelf. LOL!

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  4. I “recognized” you in the selfie right away!! SO sweet! Hoe your bookplate comes some day! Sorry you were disregarded. Shows the character of that (I was going to say “gentleman”) dude! 😦 His loss – not yours! 🙂

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  5. I wish I were that adorable! And I hope your bookplate comes soon. As for the d-bag that interrupted your conversation with no regards to you or your friend, may he never publish, and if he does, it’s only to self-publish trashy romance novels and may the fleas of a thousand camels invade his armpits.

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  6. One of the bosses at work does the exact same thing, but likes to also claim (in her email updates) that “her door is always open”, and that “people are the most valuable resource”. Uh-huh. As long as they are useful to you, you mean!

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  7. I love that portrait! so hopeful, still…
    I do hate it when people interrupt and don’t even apologize…also your friend’s fault for not making him acknowledge you. I myself try to do that when someone interrupts my conversation and speaks to only me. Some people need constant reminders that they are not the only humans in the world. (K)

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  8. Hahaha! I love the curse of the camel fleas things. I’d forgotten about it. 😀 I don’t think the author has any recollection of it now…and I feel stupid reminding her. I don’t think she minded the guy interrupting as much as I did because he was there to kiss her *ss, after all. Yeah, he wanted to use her to get ahead in the writing world, I’m sure, but he was still lavishing his attention on her whereas with me, he acted like I didn’t exist. 😉


  9. Thanks for commiserating, Kerfe! I have seen parents allow their kids to interrupt conversations like that. I guess some of those kids grow up thinking their the center of attention and don’t pay attention to anyone that’s of no use to them. :}

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