Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to my blogging friend, Kerfe!

As well, it is a belated birthday wish for Martin Luther King, Jr.

38 thoughts on “Happy birthday!

  1. Haha! Now I’m imagining one of my backyard squirrels (the one who likes to eat peanuts on the end of the picket fence near the dining room window) taking a smoke break from chasing other squirrels, running away from cats and digging nuts out from under the snow. Do you have animals you like to watch from your windows?

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  2. HAH! That image cracked me up! I love watching the birds, of course, and also the squirrels. We have deer often, too, but they are boring (and eat plants they shouldn’t). 😉 Occasionally, we’ll see a possum or (in the evenings) raccoon or skunk, but I’d really rather not see those. LOL! How about you, besides the squirrels?

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  3. Wow, you’ve got lots of furries and featheries! I haven’t seen a raccoon or skunk since leaving Vancouver. I kind of miss them. My backyard mostly hosts squirrels (grey and black), birds and cats and the occasional jackrabbit. I like watching the cats stalk the squirrels. The squirrels always get away up a tree, but the cats still try.

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  4. I imagine if you raised coyotes as babies they would follow you around like a pet. 🙂 I generally don’t encourage people to do that with wild animals though…ends up being bad for both the animals and other humans. :}

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  5. True, taming wild animals doesn’t always work out very well :-}. But I find it neat that many mammals and birds (not sure about other classes of animals) have an innate capacity to form friendships with other species, especially if the relationship starts when they are young.

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