Quick doodle to celebrate thermodynamics

“While entropy may rule the world, thermodynamics makes it go around!”

Son2 and I watched the last lecture in the thermodynamics course today. It was an excellent summary lecture that requires no background in science or math. I highly recommend people watch this last lecture to understand why he thinks solar-thermal innovation is the logical thing to pursue to solve our current energy and water issues (and why neither current solar nor nuclear technology are any good).


32 thoughts on “Quick doodle to celebrate thermodynamics

  1. Thanks, Myriam! The course is called Thermodynamics: Four Laws that Move the Universe taught by Jeffrey Grossman and offered by The Great Courses. It’s somewhat math heavy, but I like math heavy science lectures. πŸ™‚

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  2. I wonder if I can find a free version… The Calgary library has access to one of The Great Courses (Physics and Our Universe and How It All Works) via Hoopla. It looks like there are lots of great courses on all sorts of topics like cooking, photography and the mystery of time… Maybe I’ll check out the Physics one on Hoopla… I’ve forgotten most of what I learned in school. I think my math muscles could benefit from a little workout.

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