All jazzed up

I was inspired by Method Two Madness’s post on Louis Armstrong to share an old sketch I’d done back in the early 90s. I’ve a busy day ahead so won’t have time to draw anything until the evening at the earliest, if at all.



40 thoughts on “All jazzed up

  1. I was looking for a word that describes how much he´s giving himself “int0” it… I think you captured that feeling quite well. You´re picture shows that playing the trumpet is probably the most important thing in his life. That man´s love is music. I really like that! 😊

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  2. Not Louis! Well, it seems I don’t know Louis that well. I did Google some pictures of him and it seems he often has his eyes open really wide while playing the trumpet. This fellow is clearly feeling that good, closed-eye feeling.

    Big! Neato! I did big charcoal ages ago. Actually, the first naked guy I ever saw. I did sign up for a nude drawing class but I somehow thought that involved underwear. Oh well. I just watched The Danish Girl. I liked watching Gerda Wegener sketch her figures on her large canvases. Hope you get to sketch big one of these days :-).

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  3. I’m going to try and get back to working big! Will need to pull out my easel and set it up. Will also need to line the floor with lots of paper if I work in charcoal since we have off-white carpet! Who’s bright idea was that?? 😆

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  4. Sounds fun! Hope you find a good way to protect your carpets. Art can be a bit messy. I was think of getting a little table for drawing and painting so I don’t mess up the dinning room table (I’ve been covering it with big sheets of paper so far). And I was also contemplating some carpet protection :-)!

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  5. I already ruined the carpet in my art room…the art room, when we were building the house, was meant to be temporary. It’s one of 2 bedrooms in the basement and the idea was for our 2 boys to move into a bedroom each when they got older. They are sharing a bedroom upstairs the size of some people’s closets! They never moved out (though my older son is at university during the school year and lives on campus) so I still have the art room and I have spilled pastels on it more than once. At some point, we’ll have to rip out the carpet. LOL!

    So, yeah, I’d definitely recommend carpet protection for you! I’d also recommend a drafting table for drawing…I’ve been wanting one forever!

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