Rough sketch

Was flipping through my notebook of story ideas and found this rough sketch of a barnacle goose character (stylized for the story) and some wing studies from last summer. It’s kind of cute so I thought you might like it, too!

26 thoughts on “Rough sketch

  1. Teresa, tell me: do you start with the image or with the words? I’ve got a story I want to write and usually I go for the words first. But this particular story has images involved and I find myself wanting to work it out with images first–something I’ve never done before. So…where do you start?

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  2. It depends on the story, Kirk; sometimes, an image sparks a story idea but other times a story idea will pop into my head first. I don’t have a method that works best for me. I just follow wherever my whim takes me for a particular story. 🙂

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