When life gives you pineapples

Son1 sometimes acts like he’s been raised during the Depression (he’s certainly as grumpy as an octogenarian) and scrounges for food all over campus. He brought home a pineapple, and after we ate the fruit, he planted the top of it. He says that’s how the university Greenhouse propagates them.

Wish the lemons life hands us were equally useful and tasty.

32 thoughts on “When life gives you pineapples

  1. : ) We have a composter here in Florida and a garden with things to eat growing here – established by M’s mom – and it is lovely to grow your own food. We had fresh basil last night. Enjoy that pineapple a second time and again and again!

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  2. Double enjoyment for the pineapple…yay! The process works, it just takes some time…long enough that I had forgotten about my plant after moving the pot outside, until one day I ‘discovered’ a pineapple peeking out from behind my bromeliads. Gardens are great places for finding things. lol

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  3. I’ve seen it on Pinterest, but not to yield new pineapples, just for a pretty plant. I’m happy if I can get green onions to grow again, having a pineapple top for me would just mean something else for the compost bin later.

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  4. I second the cool factor. We have an avocado plant grown from a pit with roots from many years ago, and also two lemon trees grown from seeds planted by my daughter 15 years ago. They are happier outside in the summer, but seem to survive each winter inside. If she had known about pineapples, I’m sure we would have one of those too…no fruit from any of our plants, though the lemon trees smell very lemony after you water them! (K)

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  5. We bought some citrus trees that are supposed to fruit indoors, but they’re all dying off instead. I have no idea what we’re doing wrong because we used to have an indoor Meyer lemon tree and it produced lovely fruits (until it finally died). Your daughter sounds like my son, growing everything from seed. LOL!

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