New, shiny things

It took about a half hour total, with a LOT of interruptions (like a full day of doing other unrelated things), to get this quick sketch-painting done.


I free-handed it mostly with a #8 filbert brush, adding a few details (like the eyes) with a #5 round. d’Alembert was a French polymath who was featured on the Physics Today Facebook page. I loved the oil portrait of him so much that I wanted to recreate it with the new water-media and paper I’d recently purchased on the recommendation of Laura (Create Art Everyday).

Here’s the pad of paper, which is only 5×7″:


And the paints:


I’m not used to the ultra-smooth texture of the paper and was a little annoyed at the beading that happened when my brush was on the wet side. And I guess I’m not using the Inktense blocks properly because the colors are not very ink-tense. LOL! But, I’ll keep trying.

44 thoughts on “New, shiny things

  1. It’s always fun to try new tools and paper. I like the ink tense blocks very much. I find there good for illustrating a tight composition. My experience with slick papers (I tried a different brand) was not good, I hope you have better luck. Your portrait is beautifully done.

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  2. Painting on plastic can be quite a challenge. Your portrait painting using the filbert brush is beautiful and it would appear you are meeting that challenge quite well. It is great that you experiment with new materials and interesting to read your experience using synthetic ‘paper’.

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  3. Heehee..those old timey wigs are hilarious! As for the Yupo, when it first came out, I read a bunch of stuff on it, but it’s been years and I don’t remember what I read. Then Laura mentioned it again and I thought, what the hey, I’ll give it a try. 😀 Right now, I think I’ll stick with traditional W/C paper, but I have a few more sheets in the pad to use up so who knows if I’ll be a convert by the end?

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  4. :-D! What is not to love about curly, white, powdered wigs and high heels for men?

    I googled Yupo paintings and there is some neat stuff out there. But it is definitely a different look than paper. Playing with the runniness of water on a non-porous medium sounds like a possibly fun challenge. I came across someone who used alcohol inks. I presume those evaporate faster. I like Laura’s enthusiasm for artistic adventure.

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  5. Inexorably forward… Congratulations on finding a few minutes here and there to draw a November portrait :-). I only found the inclination and time to draw birds this month. But maybe I will sketch my face in January… 2 months to go ’til January 25th! Hope you are enjoying a tasty and companionable Thanksgiving.

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  6. It was very tasty…and quiet…thanks, Myriam! Was just nice to have my older son home from college and get a few things done. 🙂

    Start drawing the portrait now and you’ll be ready by Jan 24th! That’s what I’m telling myself, too. 😉

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  7. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving :-). I already have my December and January birds drawn, so the next time I sit with my pencil, a human subject would be a fun change. So maybe I can get one or more faces drawn before the deadline…

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  8. Well, the bird drawings will be there whenever you have the inclination :-).

    I liked you simple gestural drawing of a polar bear from the David Attenborough documentary. And your finished painting of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf looks great!

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